I’ve been down with ’flu (or Covid?) for a few days, so this is just a few incompletely-baked ideas. SVB and Credit Suisse The story of Silicon Valley Bank’s failure has been told plenty, probably best by Matt Levine (here, here). One widely-quoted passage:
Two possible images of the future
Here are two examples of something. A sad story erupted a few weeks ago in academic economics, in which one well-known professor accused another…
One function of social science is to sell cope: to tell societies what they want to hear on challenging topics. I wish it weren’t so, but it is just a…
An unfinished horse race
"Surely under well-defined circumstances, ye CAN push yer grannie off a bus?"
Merry Christmas to all my readers! There are almost three times as many of you as this time last year. I hope this growth will continue in 2023. If you…
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